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Installing the Free FakeCounter on your website is a snap,
just add the following code anywhere on your page:

<A href="http://fakecounter.com"><img src="http://fakecounter.com/home.page?"></A>

FakeCounter works just like real counters. With every visit to your page it will display a new number, except that this number has no connection to the amount of visitors...
Who should use the FakeCounter?
1. Used car dealers.
2. Lawyers
3. Anyone who has a sense of humor and believes that taking life too seriously is bad for your health.

Are "real" counters real? Not really! Even the most accurate counters can be "fixed" at any number, and mind you, on the internet this fixing is being done every day. In addition some homepage owners inflate the number shown on their "real" counter by hitting and reloading the page or by starting the counter at a high number instead of 0001.
And not just that, hackers hit pages with robots, and inflate numbers, so you don't really know how many visitors a page had. That means a "real" counter could very well be fake too. (Do you really believe all those homepages that are showing zillions of hits?)
Are "real" counters that important? At FakeCounter.com we don't think so. We believe that the design of a page, its content and usefulness is what counts, and not how many people visited the page before you.
When you visit a real home, would you care to see a sign on the door: "You are visitor no. 000398" ?
When you date a pretty lady would you appreciate her more if she told you, you are visitor no. 892...

But then, some visitors to your site expect to find those funny numbers on it - don't disappoint them, give them the numbers they are looking for, show them the FakeCounter and smile.

<A href="http://fakecounter.com"><img src="http://fakecounter.com/home.page?"></A>

That's all it takes!

P.S. If you already have a "real" counter on your page, add the FakeCounter, add fun!

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